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CrossFit Ocala – CrossFit

Hand stand push up skill work
L1: strength & balance
L2: kipping progressions
L3: strict HSPU challenge – winner gets a free kill cliff (one m/f winner)

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CF 03 (No Measure)

400m run


10 pass throughs

10 push ups

10 step ups on box

10 good mornings

30 sec pigeon stretch

GPP: Metcon (Time)

Angry Little Diane


Box jumps 24/20

Deadlifts 185/135

HSPU (open standard)

COMP: Metcon (Time)

Angry Diane


Box jump overs 24/20

Deadlifts 225/155

HSPU (open standard)

Cool Down

200m walk

10 good mornings

10 pass throughs

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