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    CrossFit 101

    Ready to get started. Our CrossFit 101 program is designed to get you going. The program includes 1 personal training session with one of our highly qualified coaches, and then 3 group CrossFit classes to give it a full try. This is a money back guarantee program. If you don’t like it after your second class you get a full refund. Cost? Only $19!! Just click the button to get started!!

    Fundamental Friday

    Looking to get involved in CrossFit? Not sure where to start? Here is your answer. The Friday Fundamental program is a free class held once a month. On a Friday evening. Its a small group limited to 9. No obligation just come in and try it out. What do you have to loose besides a few pounds. Next one starts MAY 13th DONT MISS OUT!!!

  • WOD 6/13/14

    Main – CrossFit

    Handstand Push-ups
    GHD Sit-ups

    Handstand Push-ups (Skill)

    Metcon (Time)

    For time:
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)
    30 TTB
    30 KB Swings (35/53)
    30 Box jumps (20/24)
    30 sit-ups (RX+ GHD)
    30 Box jumps
    30 KB Swings
    30 TTB
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)