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    CrossFit 101

    Ready to get started. Our CrossFit 101 program is designed to get you going. The program includes 1 personal training session with one of our highly qualified coaches, and then 3 group CrossFit classes to give it a full try. This is a money back guarantee program. If you don’t like it after your second class you get a full refund. Cost? Only $19!! Just click the button to get started!!

    Bellas Boot Camp

    Alright Ladies!!! Here it is. Our Summers Bellas Boot Camp. This is a 6 week program designed exclusively for ladies!! Class starts July 11th and the program runs 6 Weeks. Whats involved? Each class will be comprehensive and led by our head coach Vilma. Group warm ups, stretching and workouts. Also nutrition advise and how to stay on track out of the gym. All for $139!! Sign up now space is limited.

  • WOD 6/13/14

    Main – CrossFit

    Handstand Push-ups
    GHD Sit-ups

    Handstand Push-ups (Skill)

    Metcon (Time)

    For time:
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)
    30 TTB
    30 KB Swings (35/53)
    30 Box jumps (20/24)
    30 sit-ups (RX+ GHD)
    30 Box jumps
    30 KB Swings
    30 TTB
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)