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    CrossFit 101

    This is the starting point to your CrossFit Journey!!! This program includes 3 one on one sessions with one of our highly trained coaches. In the 3 lessons you will learn the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit. You will go through a comprehensive warmup. Learn skills 1 on 1 with a coach and go through a workout.

    No Sweat Intro!!

    Want to get healthier, but not sure where to start? Schedule a “No Sweat Intro” with one of our coaches. We’ll review your goals and have a discussion about potential routes to success. No sales pressure, no obligation, no workout (yet) just a little chat.

  • WOD 6/13/14

    Main – CrossFit

    Handstand Push-ups
    GHD Sit-ups

    Handstand Push-ups (Skill)

    Metcon (Time)

    For time:
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)
    30 TTB
    30 KB Swings (35/53)
    30 Box jumps (20/24)
    30 sit-ups (RX+ GHD)
    30 Box jumps
    30 KB Swings
    30 TTB
    30 Push-ups (RX+ HSPU)